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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Kolkata44 L( Copies)Rs. 2480 / sqcm
North Bengal28 K( Copies)Rs. 495 / sqcm
Orissa15 K( Copies)Rs. 200 / sqcm
Orissa15 K( Copies)Rs. 200 / sqcm
South Bengal37 K( Copies)Rs. 900 / sqcm
South Bengal37 K( Copies)Rs. 900 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your query! releaseMyAd is the largest online advertising platform in India. We give the opportunity to our clients to view and compare the best available rates in the industry. For booking ads in TT Metro please click on the link below and choose your preferred city. . You will be directed to the page where you can browse through our discount packages and you can customise your ad specifications. Next, you can compose your ad matter by using pre-designed templates and ad enhancers or you can upload your own design. You also get the option to ask for help from our creative team to design your ad matter.  Once you are done with the content, select the release date and proceed to make the payment. For any assistance please feel free to call us at 09830629298 or chat with our expert. 
While placing a Display Advertisement, please keep in mind that these ads are charged based on the size of the advertisement, which is measured in terms of per To review the ad rates for a Quarter page ad in The Telegraph, please visit the Telegraph Display Ad Rates page and choose the ad size as Quarter Page. For the display ad rates in ABP, you can review the Anandabazar Patrika Display Ad Rates page, for Bartaman, click on the Display Ad Rates section of Bartaman and also visit the Ei Somoy Display Ad Rates page for advertising in Ei Somoy. You must select  the ad size properly in order to get the closest cost estimate for getting your Display Ad released in the newspaper of your preference. You can also opt for the Education pullouts to release your Tutorial advert.  You can review the rates for the respective Newspaper Pullouts from the following list: The Telegraph- Careergraph Anandabazar Patrika- Prostuti Bartaman- Bartaman Education ​For Ei Somoy there is no Education Supplement, therefore for advertising under Education you can advertise in the Main newspaper. Also ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days in advance for a timely release of your ad. 
Please know that the advert tha tyou'd like to publish comes under the Retail section. To know the rates & offers available for a Display ad in T2, the daily entertainment supplement of The Telegraph, please click on the link provided:  Advertise your lifestyle exhibition in T2, by choosing the preferred package or edition & composing the advert with the help of our online design templates. You may also upload your own advert designed by expert advertisers. Also specify the ad size to get the closest cost estimate for your ad size or choose the half page option. To ensure a timely release of your ad, please make sure that the booking is completed 2-3 days in advance along with the payment clearance for the same.
  To review the ad rates for a Display ad under the Real Estate or Property Category in The Telegraph, please visit the following link: Please specify the ad size as per the width and length and you can review the ad price quotations as per the locations or editions, in which the newspaper is published. ReleaseMyAd can provide a maximum discount of up to 5% for Display ads. We require you to book your advertisement at least 2-3 days prior to the release date and also clear the payments at the same time. You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer).

Booking Process

How are Telegraph Display ads priced?

Display advertisement is typically the most creative one, and thus, it draws maximum attention. Telegraph is the best medium to place display ads, primarily because it has a huge readership figure. This would generate a higher response rate for the advertisement, which is likely to be noticed by many. Several factors are considered while pricing a display ad in Telegraph:

  1. Fundamental pricing is done on the basis of per sq. cm. of area covered.
  2. Display ad rates vary due to several other attributes. For instance, the front page ad costs more than the one published in the middle page.
  3. More area the ad occupies, more expensive it is likely to be. You can opt for the given sizes in Telegraph – full page, half page and so on, else you can settle for a custom ad size. Innovative options like jacket, skybus, etc. too can be availed.
  4. The fact whether the display ad is coloured or black & white, will also influence the price.

releaseMyAd provides you with the negotiation option on the final price, to get you the cheapest rate possible.

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